Fall Owner Newsletter October, 2006

Thank You From Festiva Resorts

Thank you for choosing to become an owner with The Atrium Resort and now Festiva Resorts. We hope that you have enjoyed your ownership at The Atrium Resort and we hope to increase your ownership enjoyment now that The Atrium Resort is a full fledged member of the Festiva Family. What does that mean? It means whether you purchased with Festiva Resorts or prior to Festiva Resorts, you now have full Festiva benefits. 

In addition to the internal trade possibilities you have had previously, you will now be a member of Festiva Travel and Cruises, you have access to cruise with Elite Island Yachts, you can take advantage of Festiva Bonus week specials at any of our participating resorts, and you will have the same 50% discount on rental reservations at most Festiva resorts. You can now call toll free and speak with a trained owner services professional to answer any of your questions and you will be immediately notified and enrolled in any new benefits offered by Festiva. For more information on any of these benefits please visit www.festivaresorts.com or call 1-866-933-7848. 

As most of you are no doubt aware, Festiva Resorts purchased The Atrium Resort and assumed management in October 2005. In the past year we have found that the resort is in need of many things. First and foremost, the resort needs to be able to operate on its own financially. In 2005 The Atrium Resort lost more than $150,000 and is forecasted to lose at least that much in 2006. Festiva has subsidized that loss to date, but we cannot continue to do so. 

The overall condition of the resort is another critical area of need. Room furnishings, exterior, electrical wiring, generators and many other areas are in need of a full refurbishment as the resort goes into its 14th year. Finally there is the issue of a reserve fund. The resort has never operated at a surplus and therefore has never been able to establish a reserve fund. A reserve fund should be set aside to provide for financial shortfalls, major renovation projects and emergency funds in case of natural disaster. 

As the operating budget cannot afford hurricane insurance, it is of the utmost importance that a reserve be established to ensure that there are repair funds in case of a disaster. For these reasons Festiva has determined that the operating revenues which are primarily sourced from maintenance fees must increase, that capital funds for renovation and structural improvement must be raised and that a reserve fund must be put in place.

Unfortunately, as the new owner and manager of the Atrium, Festiva Resorts must pass along the never welcome news that a 10% increase in your annual maintenance fees and a special assessment fee equal to two times (annual owners) or one times (biennial owners) your annual maintenance fees per unit week are required from you as an owner in order to provide the funds necessary to satisfy the previously mentioned needs. 

You, as a resort owner, have entrusted your investment in family vacations to the Atrium Resort. Rest assured, we take that responsibility seriously and are making the investments necessary to enhance the resort and resort experience to the level you demand. We trust that you will understand and agree that we must work together in order to maintain The Atrium Resort at the Gold Crown level you expect. 

We again welcome you to our family of resorts and hope that through Festiva and our partners, all of your vacation dreams come true. 

As always, should you have any questions or concerns, we are just a phone call away at 1-866-933-7848.

Thank you,
Festiva Resorts

 Owner Services/Central Res. 1-866-933-7848 www.festivaresorts.com

Getting Around St. Maarten

Dollar Rent a Car has become one of St.Maarten’s premier car rental agencies and now offers its great rates and services to the guests of the Atrium Resort.

Our fleet ranges from economy (Atos) to SUV (Jeep Cherokee). Dollar has made renting at the resort easier with our hassle free shuttle service to the airport. For reservations visit www.dollar.com, or call toll free at 1-877-377-0376.You may also email us at dollarres@caribserve.net

Go Ahead, Treat Yourself

Welcome to St. Maarten
Here at Miguel’s Salon we do our utmost to make you feel and look great! Thanks to our professional team, Miguel’s Salon is one of the most renowned salons on St. Maarten and the neighboring islands.
We only use high quality products such as LANZA, KEMON, ALFAPARF and others that will adapt to the specific needs of your hair.

We also offer pedicure and manicure services which includes one of the world’s best foot or hand massages.

Miguel is known as one of the top make-up artists in the beauty market. He has worked with theater plays and musicals, television, and magazines like Destination St. Maarten, St. Maarten Nights, Bo & Lupa and Mako just to name a few.

For appointments dial ext. 1111 or 544-2162 direct line.

As an owner within the family of Festiva Resorts or with The Cruise Club, you are automatically enrolled as a member of Festiva Travel and Cruises. 
Festiva Travel and Cruises is an expansion of the Festiva owner benefits, allowing you and your family to book a cabin on any of the major cruise lines (Carnival, Princess, Norwegian, etc.) or travel to more than 600 resorts worldwide. And it gets even better! With Festiva Travel and Cruises, not only can you exchange your vacation week toward these cruises and other exotic vacations -- you can also take unlimited vacations without trading your week at all!

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As a Festiva Travel and Cruises member, you can also go on great adventures such as an African Safari or a wine tour of Northern California.  Visit exotic cities throughout the world like Singapore, Paris or Hong Kong. Take your family on a ranch retreat or have a romantic spa getaway for just the two of you. 

The entire available inventory for cruise lines and other great vacations can be found by visiting the Festiva Travel & Cruises Web site, which you can access through www.festivaresorts.com. New vacations come available on a daily basis, and best of all you can book directly online! Because there's no exchange necessary to take advantage of these great vacations, you and your family can travel whenever and wherever you like -- escape for a weekend or travel the entire year round! For information on activating your account, please call Owner Services at 866-933-7848 or send an email to ownerservices@festivaresorts.com

From The Resort Manager

In the past we have invested in annual repair projects at The Atrium in order to update the resort and keep the building in good condition. However, there are certain major structural changes required in order to keep the building, rooms and both indoor and outdoor public areas in top condition.

A special assessment is needed in order to upgrade the Atrium. In the 14 years the resort has been operating, the rooms have never been refurbished. We will be completely updating the furniture, soft goods, lamps, light fixtures, fans, picture frames, and bathroom lighting. Appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves and dishwashers will be replaced along with most of the air conditioning units in the apartments. The pool deck area, porch furniture and lights around the building need to be updated. The building is also long overdue for exterior painting.

We will be setting up a model room using wonderful, high quality furniture that we have chosen for the refurbishments. You will be able to view this room and the sales department will also use it as a show room. Upon approval we hope to have the model room set up by the end of December 2006. The time frame for this installation may change as the furniture is manufactured in the Far East and then shipped to St. Maarten. Unfortunately, this may not be ready in time for our owners using Christmas weeks to enjoy.

We will upgrade the hallways and elevators and replace the Atrium awnings above the lobby. We intend to upgrade the lobby and the back porch area so that owners and guests can enjoy both the shade of the porch outdoors and the cool air conditioning inside.

Below: Renderings of the new lobby awnings.


Festiva Resorts has decided that it is necessary to purchase a new generator for the main power generator and keep our existing generator as a back up. The new generator will have a higher capacity and will be able to run the entire building, including the elevators. This is very important as we have had a lot of problems this year with our existing generator and our new Maintenance Manager, Max Arndell, has been able to resolve this situation only after several frustrating months of identifying the problems.

The electrical lines must be changed as the panels running into the building are in urgent need of replacement. This process requires special charting of the building to get the information set up correctly for the new lines. There are quite a few technical aspects of the building in need of renovations due to the age of the building, as the Atrium Resort opened its doors in October of 1993.
We plan to build a ramp from the pool deck to the beach to increase wheelchair accessibility. We also plan to increase wheelchair accessibility at the front entrance of the lobby. The roofing of the penthouses need repairing and the side panels above the lobby need to be replaced. We are looking into window treatments to help reduce heat in the ocean-facing apartments, thus reducing the load of the air conditioning units. 

As you can see there are many areas of the resort in urgent need of attention which unfortunately require funds to be raised through the special assessment. When you return to St. Maarten we will be more than happy to show you our progress and update you on the changes mentioned above. With your support and a lot of hard work, the Atrium will truly be one of the Caribbean’s most desired destinations.

Gillian Spronk

  • Reservations for the Atrium will still be handled through St. Maarten and we urge to make your reservations 10 to 11 months in advance so that you have a better chance of having the dates you desire be available.

  • To make reservations email us at atrium@sintmaarten.net or call 599-544-2126. 

  • RCI Fixed Points Members: If you wish to come back to the Atrium in 2007 please remember you must call RCI 13 months in advance to guarantee your home week.

  • Remember there is a $50 Timeshare Tax charge per week (subject to change)

  • Energy Surcharge $3.00 Per Person Per Day.

  • For Festiva Internal Trades or Bonus weeks please email us at centralreservations@festivaresorts.com or call 866-933-7848, option 2.

  • To speak with an owner services professional about your ownership including the special assessment please email us at ownerservices@festivaresorts.com or call 866-933-7848, option 1.

2007 Maintenance Fee & Special Assessment Information

2007 Maintenance Fee Amounts

  • Studio- $455

  • 1 Bedroom- $560

  • 2 Bedroom- $690

  • 3 Bedroom- $925

  • 3 Bedroom PH- $985

Payment accepted by check or credit card. All payments must be in US Dollars.
Mail check and payment coupon to:

PO Box 536931
Atlanta, GA 30353-6931

Credit card payments are accepted at 866-933-7848 option 1, through www.festivaresorts.com or by sending credit card info and payment coupon to:
Festiva Resorts
1 Vance Gap Road
Asheville, NC 28805
A $6.50 convenience fee will apply to all credit card payments

All charges must paid in full by Jan. 1, 2007 and are considered late as of Jan. 31, 2007.

A $50 per month late charge will be applied to all balances not paid by Jan. 31, 2007.

2007 Special Assessment fees are due and payable at the same time and by same methods as the maintenance fees.

In celebration of Festiva Resorts’ most recent management agreement, Festiva Resorts would like to offer you, as a member of the Festiva Family, a special discount to stay at Blue Heron Beach Resort in Orlando, less than a mile from Disney World. From September 1, 2006 until January 31, 2007, we invite you and your family to join us in Orlando! Your special rate on a one bedroom/two bath that sleeps six will be $99 per night, $365 for 3 nights and $595 for seven nights. For more information or to make reservations please visit www.blueheronbeachresort.com or call 407-387-2910.


*Offer good for up to two rooms. Must present coupon upon check in. Reservations on a space available basis. Holidays not included.