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It is our job to make your  reservations here at the Atrium as smooth and easy as possible. Ownership at the Atrium is divided into two seasons our winter (weeks 51-14) and our summer (weeks15-50). Owners may purchase a fixed or float week during either season.

Fixed Week Usage (and Internal Exchanges)

Any owner using a fixed week at the Atrium does not need to contact us to use the week they own - unless they are requesting an alternative week at the Atrium - that is called an "internal exchange". There are restrictions in making an internal exchange; ownership of weeks between 15 and 50 may only exchange within that time period. Owners between week 51 and 14 may request any week of the year. All internal exchanges are based upon availability and are completed for a minimal service fee of $60, they may be confirmed by e-mail or fax. We only accept credit cards for the payment authorization fees. Please Click Here for credit card charge authorization forms.

Float Week Ownership (and Internal Exchanges)

If you own a float week during the summer season you may request any week between week 15 and 50. If you own a float week during the winter season, you may request for anytime of the year. There is no fee for the initial week requested by a float owner, however should you later change that week to another it will be treated as an internal exchange at a service fee of $60. Reservations are based on availability.

Using Your Week with the RCI Exchange Network

If you own a fixed week you do not need to contact us, simply deposit your fixed week with RCI and you are on your way. If you own a float week you must contact us first, so that we can bank a week with RCI for you.

To make an exchange, you may phone RCI at 1-800-3387777 or 1-317-8768899 or connect directly to their link address at http://www.rci.com.

We are here to help you, all reservations are based on availability, therefore to avoid any disappointments please remember to make your reservations as early as possible. We accept reservations up to one year in advance and after you have read the above please, complete the reservation form below.

Please complete the form which will come directly to our reservation department:

Enter Your Unit and Week Number or Contract Number:
Type either your unit & week or contract number
Your Request Type
Select the type of request you are making
Arrival and Departure Week Dates: (If your season is Summer, you can only book between March 24th 2000 - December 15th 2000 - i.e. weeks 15 through 50)
Arrival Date   Calendar
Departure Date   Calendar
Additional Information or Requests
Your Contact Information:
First Name Last Name:
Street address
Zip/Post Code
Your Email

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